How To Get Rich Quick?

How To Get Rich Quick?

But no thanks.

This is a very specific method. And is a method that is only available in Singapore in this current point of time.

If you still unsure what my job is. I'm a marketing consultant for Breate solutions, basically with my internet marketing skills, I help small business increases in their sales.

However, sometime, when people ask me what exactly do I do that… Is it like website? I couldn't deny and would say I do more strategising than web design, but yep, that is part of my service.

That's where the problems begin…

As far as credibility and reputation goes, the weird thing is more and more of my “friends” started looking for me to do website.

And I will go, “I didn't know you are into business :)”

“No I don't…”

“Then why would you want to build a website?”

“I went to this seminar, and it teach us that as a sole proprietor/business man, I can ‘buy' something that increase my productivity and claim it under PIC.”

PIC – Productivity and Innovation Credit. A government grant credit to help SME increase spending in the area of increasing their productivity. PIC grant is up to 60% and PIC bonus is 100% (this year is the last) of $15,000

“Wait, so do you have a business? Do you benefit from the website that I build for you?”

“Not really, but can you see that it make you $15k, and it make me $9k (60% grant) out of nothing. But nothing solid yet, you let me know how much cash back you willing to give me because other web design company offer to give me back $3-4k”

Web Design company quote – $15,000

Web Design company make – $15,000 – $5,000 = $10,000

Client make – $9,000 (PIC -60%) + $5,000 = $14,000

A “win-win” situation!?

Before IRAS start investigating on me. I have to state that the above conversation doesn't really take place but its based on what was told to me of the trend people has being doing to game the system and people hinting. I couldn't whistle blow even if I want, because I have no proof and evidence that they did carry this up or not.

The fact is, I still would work with company who genuinely needed my help and used PIC to simply relieve their financial burden.

But I want to once again made my stand clear. YES. THIS IS HOW FELLOW SINGAPOREAN make quick $$$. NO I'M NEVER OFFERING CASH BACK AS THIS IS ILLEGAL.

They even got this idea from seminar. WHAT THE?

So, if you have this idea of making money. STAY AWAY FROM ME!

So Make Quick Money? No thanks…

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