Not reading this post may cost you your life…

Not reading this post may cost you your life…

What I am about to say is to all you paranoid people out there (sometime myself too, in fact EVERYONE)

People who are afraid to sit on plane, scare of car accident, murder, kidnap, etc.

We all have an incorrect risk map of the world.

What could actually cost your life?

Realistically? I'm not talking about that 0.001% that you might get murder or plane accident.

AH370 crash

Let's look at intesting statistic for plane accident, shall we?

1 in 1.2 million – Airplane flights that involve some kind of accident. The mishaps are not always fatal.

1 in 3.7 million – Chance that you will be killed by a shark.

1 in 11 million – Chance that you will be killed in an airplane crash.

1 in 5,000 – Odds that you will be killed in a car crash. “You're much more likely to die getting to the airport than you are flying in the plane,” said the editors at Discovery.

95.7 – Percentage of people who survive plane crashes. In many recent major accidents — including the 2009 “Miracle on the Hudson,” when Capt. Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger ditched an Airbus A320 in the Hudson River — everyone on board has made it out alive.

80 – Percentage of plane accidents that occur during the first three minutes or last eight minutes of a flight

What is this effect called?

Availability bias… Just because there is evidence and the tragedy that struck does not mean it is very common. That's where when media sensationalise these news, it create this incorrect risk assessment in all of us.

Just because… someone who smoke doesn't get cancer doesn't mean you put its risk assessment lower?

Take this test.

Are there more English words that starts with a ‘K' or more words with ‘K' as their third letter?

Answer: There are more than twice as many English words having ‘K' in the third position than start with ‘K'

See what I mean? See the effect that not being able to think of (not available) these _ _K_ _ words make you systematically predict inaccurately.

So what actually will cost your LIFE? if not Car/Plane (MH370) Crashes?

Do you know the risk assessment for CANCER? How many of us will actually get cancer or die from cancer…?

Up to 40% of us will get cancer in our lifetime. 20% will die from cancer.

What can we do? Be paranoid of cancer now?

I just want to show you how we can perceived risk wrongly. We prefer information that is easy to obtain, be it economic data or recipes, but it will often lead to disastrous results.

Very often, we prefer wrong information to no information. That is why biasses when it come to obtaining information. Inter-webbie… articles… speculation… media…  You need to rethink and re-prioritise your risk assessment to the thing you see or hear.

So what's your risk assessment of your afterlife?

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