Persuasion or Manipulation? (and several methods to get what you want)

Persuasion or Manipulation? (and several methods to get what you want)

I believe what I am about to share to you should be package into $497 training course and sold to salesman all over the world. It is a closely guarded secret that could be used for Good or for Evil (literally). I have seen professionals used it in seminar to mass influence crowds of audience and turn the event into a buying frenzy.

What is the alternative to Persuasion & Manipulation?

Sales motivations?

Working smarter?

Just going out and hustle and adopting the “Just Do It” mentality?

I don't want to Manipulate others…

There's a thin line between Persuasion and Manipulation.

When you are persuaded, you won't have buyer remorse.

When you are manipulated, you will eventually snap out of it and regret your choice.

An example of being manipulated happens when you are pressure into buying from a sleazy car salesman.

You hold the power!

The foundation technique between Persuasion and Manipulation is the same.

It depends on your intention. Good intention, Persuasion. Bad intention, Manipulation.

Like the concept of Green Branding vs. Green Washing. Persuasion or Manipulation? So even if someone is persuading you into a certain policy (*ahem), you are not them, how can you read their mind and say they are manipulating you (bad intention). In fact, are you being subjected to manipulation by the “underdog”?

Persuasion and Manipulation techniques

Here are some basics:

Belief and Jujitsu –

There are some old “wise” saying that is built into us, forming our innate belief. You get what you pay for? Does that mean when you buy something expensive it is good? 90%, this is true. So charge premium and support it with value (practical value + intrinsic value = perceived value; this by itself will be discussed another day).

Jujitsu is a martial art that made use of someone else's strength. Leverage, inertia, gravity, momentum? The tougher the defence a person put up, the easier it is to crack.

Out of all the  Jujitsu technique, my favourite is the down-sell and decoy effect

Down-sell by presenting someone with an outrages high price product/services they are not willing to pay. Give a “sad face”. Then goes, “How about this product (actual product you are intending to sell)?” People are more willing to buy for the lower price one which in fact, some are okay to take the higher offer.

How about this Decoy effect trick?

I overestimate my capability to finish all the persuasion techniques in one post.

Need to work now. I shall continue writing perhaps tonight or tomorrow.

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Reciprocation –

Since young, we are taught to treat others like how we want to be treated. If anyone ever follow that advise from our parents (who may or may not do it themselves), we will see the power of reciprocation.

Give and you will receive. Oftentimes, you will receive more than you give. It is oftentimes an unfair exchange. Human generally do not want to owe other favours.

Take for example, free sampling at a Supermarket. They can give you 1 for 1, buy 2 at the price of 1, etc. you will still not buy. However, if they have a staff there giving out free samples. More people will stay around and take a second look at the product and some will probably buy the product.

So the trick to using this tactics is to give something before asking for a return favour.

Commitment & Consistency

A commitment is a stand/position. People are more willing to agree to request that are in keeping with the prior commitment. So if you want someone to commit to a big decision. Make them commit to smaller commitments before asking for the big commitment.

Commitment decision have a tendency to be self-perpetuating and will form own reasons and justification to their prior “forced” commitment. This is consistency. When I like a celebrity for just one quality (cute). Eventually, I will build more reason why I like the celebrity. Even if that quality is taken away (no longer cute).

Social Proof –

This is somewhat sinister and have being used by cult leaders resulting in things such as mass suicide. It can also be used for good and make the world a better place.

The 2 psychology tactics to successful employ Social Proof is UNCERTAINTY and SIMILARITY.

When people are unsure, they will look at the action of others and will generally accept it as the truth. Sometime, its also called the herd mentality.

The more similar the person who is trying to influence you is, the more likely you will follow.

In business, this is a strategy that many had used successful. Against the Giant. Against the Big Boys… Businesses often relates themselves with you. Against the big pharmaceutical company trying to cheat you by giving you ineffective cancer drugs. Seriously? The used-to-be tiny Apple against the Big Blue, IBM? How about Roy Ngerng against the PAP?

How many have seriously read the long articles and do your own calculation on his OPINIONS on the CPF before sending him money to support his court case with LHL? People just love people who are like them.

Liking –

People prefers to say yes to individual they know and like.

To be liked, you need to be similar to them (refer to Social Proof), be good looking 🙁 , and be associated with positive things they admire. This is why we always have sexy models with cars to associate these powerful machine with sexiness.

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 Authority –

In a world full of distraction, information, how does one stands out from the crowd? Our mind sort through countless of random ten of thousands of data each day and identify the one who is truly the authority figure.

What are some of the tell-tale sign? Statues, money, cars, clothings, books, interviews, an expert writing a blog about Influence? 😛

Can't you see that some of these could be bought, followed or done that anyone could have done as well. Do you know, I'm an author of Bestselling book, appear of radio shows and had my “expert” view article syndicated across and all over the internet?

Possible defences against people who uses this tactics is to really talk to the person and determine if the person is really an expert. Trust your heart and your gut feeling.

Scarcity –

The three optimising condition to scarce item is heightened in value when they are newly scarce and secondly you are competing with others to the scarce item and thirdly, that is truly scarce.

That's where new model of Ferraris are always sold before they even leave Italy.

So to bring an example of a scarcity in action is my company's video service. We are only giving away 10 copies of the video creation package which we normally charge at $995.

This video shown below is the exact video we used to sell our $995-$1495 video creation service.

That's all for today 🙂

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