So many to do, so little time.

My role as a Marketing Manager/Consultant requires me to also handle fulfilment, general marketing collaterals and new product developement.

Bring me memories of when I was in PSB Academy studying business. It seem I have not wasted my studies and now I have to handle each aspect of my academics course in detail and have to add a little street smart twist to it.

I am also business person who is constantly faced with a lot of temptation. The temptation of easy money through unethical means. I am responsible for Breate growth.

Violin Exam. Some may not know but I'm taking my Grade 8 exactly next month. I'm not requesting to get HD but I'm really not exactly Grade 8 standard yet. So pretty stress out. I am responsible for not wasting my parents money on another year of violin

I have proposed and plan my wedding to my next year Oct. I am responsible to produce the money required to get married. Lol

Serving the Lord. The responsibility of leading the congregation and leading the youth through Bible Study is quite heavy for me as a quiet and introverted person.

Moreover I took the responsibility very seriously. There should be no wrong attitude towards serving Him.


Right now, just need to find a balance to balance between these 4 responsibilities in my life right now.

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