What You Missed Out By Not Coming For KPI Singapore 2014?

What You Missed Out By Not Coming For KPI Singapore 2014?


So, I was invited to KPI Singapore by Andrew Chow. I knew him through contacting with iDental Surgeons which he is a brand ambassador of. Never regretted connecting with him because I was really amazed of what he did… So more on that later.

What is “Key Person of Influence”?

So “Key Person of Influence” is really a brainchild of Daniel Priestley. You need to be the Key Person of Influence (Authority figure) in your industry. Anyone outside the Inner Circle is either a Newbie or a Worker Bees.

The idea is that many people either keep changing industry because they realise its too hard to become a KPI (Key Person of Influence), or that they didn't have the strategy to make them among the KPI. This seminar teaches everything you need to attain KPI level.

When I first joined the seminar. I was expecting to be “on-and-off”. Choosing to only listen to topic I'm interested in and going out of the auditorium to those I don't.

However, Daniel introduce the concept that the CORE strategy is to utilise all 5 aspects: Pitch, Publish, Product, Profile, and Partnership. Which will be covered by different speaker. WHAT! So I have to sit in for all of them to know how to fully utilise and become a KPI?


Missing any aspect of it will form an Open Loop. I can't miss any of their talk which I'm glad I didn't. Here's why…

Meet the Pitch Master – Patrick Liew

It intrigued me… he was introduced as a mentor of a mentors. A Singaporean. When he started speaking. It immediately stood out that he uses alot of Singlish. In fact, he uses it to his advantage to teach the fellow foreigner abit of our culture. The ‘Leh', ‘Lor' & ‘Lar'

However, within 10 minutes through his talk, we were all laughing and having a great time. So there's no language boundaries in a good PITCH. Be it Good English, or Singlish.

I was actually taking photo of the slides. But this is the only picture I have of Patrick

I was actually taking photo of the slides. But this is the only picture I have of Patrick

Here's the BIG Takeaway! If you want to pitch correctly… don't pitch wrongly 😀 lol. Of course, there's more to the talk than just that. Most of his notes as he mention can be found on his website. I couldn't grab hold of him because he has to fly off to pitch. Talk about doing what he pitch.

Meet the Publishing Master – Andrew Griffiths

The magic of Andrew Griffiths' talk is that ‘I WANT TO PUBLISH A BOOK' has became the main topic during lunch time. Every single person I network with during lunch is talking about writing a book to make themselves the authority in the industry.

If they have not spoke of writing a book, I would have asked “So, do you intend to write a book”. (Its just cheating to make my statistic 100%; talking about book publishing)

I wanted to meet Andrew Griffiths so much after his talk, I watched the whole of Peter Ziggy talk outside the auditorium on the television, expecting Mr Griffiths to come out anytime.

2014-06-13 14.18.48

Peter Ziggy and 2 ‘Sam'

However, before I do that, I make sure I look more sincere when I connect with Mr Griffiths, so I got a book that I really need for the current state of my business- selling.


Book signed by Andrew Griffiths

So when I saw Andrew coming out, I'm the first one to ‘grab hold' of him and he gave me a very good advise in term of publishing in my current state of my career.

Peter Ziggy, Andrew Griffiths, Samuel Chan, Darren Finkelstein

Peter Ziggy, Andrew Griffiths, Samuel Chan, Darren Finkelstein

Meet the Product Master – Elim Chew

I cannot begin to describe how much admiration I had with Ms Chew. I literally grow up with her brand. It impacted me sooooo deeply because I was called a ‘couple' when I was shopping (at Causeway Point) with my first love by a staff (or is that you Ms Chew?) of 77th Street almost 14 years ago (sec 1). Made me so shy and happy and I was secretly thanking the staff for that ‘help' in confessing.

Elim Chew is really the real deal with tons of brands under her name, yet she is so humble and carefully explain the concept of Productizing. Having a product for gift, a product for prospecting, core offering product and the next logical product.

So since I talk about a confession story… There's another confession. After her talk, I actually rushed out and tried to spot her out in the crowd. She wasn't there for the tea break. Has she left? I didn't network with anyone in fear I might missed her when she exited the building. And yes, I was waiting in front of the lift and escalator..

elim chew and i

elim chew and i

Well, I realised at the end of the seminar that she's still around. So hi ms chew, hope you read this little confession story from a fan boy of yours.


Book signed by Elim Chew

Meet the Profile Master – Andrew Chow

This is the talk I have being waiting for. I pushed away meetings with client on Friday just to be there. Both as an advocate of Andrew and gesture of appreciation for inviting us to #KIPsg.


andrew in his comfort zone

If you read most posts of mine, you will notice that I am anti-bias. So just to make sure I'm not flattering Andrew because we have a pending-working-relationship or bias because I knew him. I'm not going to say how much I enjoy the talk (even though its great), but rather, I allow ‘brand advocates' to speak out.

Right after Andrew talk, as I went networking, I was asking this interior-designer-project manager, which talk does he enjoy the most. This is the verbatim of what he say, “My favourite speaker is Andrew Chow. [Reason – which I forgotten; has to do with the content] and Patrick talk is really uplifting and motivating”. That says a lot. Right?

2 sam and 1 andrew

2 sam and 1 andrew

Meet the Master of Partnership – Emilia Ong

Who is better to speak about Partnership than Google. Legends says that when an employee leave Google in an attempt to set up a new company, Google would fully support that venture and form a partnership with that new startup.

So Emilia is essentially leading the world most admired company's partnership team in Asia. It open up our mind on the possibility of working on leverage of one another. Looking at each and every single person out there not as a competitors but a potential partners. So whenever you start a project, think… if you don't want to build it yourself, partner with someone who already had the solutions.

emilia ong talking about partnership

emilia ong talking about partnership

Meet Mr Key Person of Influence – Daniel Priestley

book signed by daniel

book signed by Daniel Priestley

Daniel lead a game about multiplication. I already thought about the strategy that Daniel proposed. Actually I won Daniel 😛 I had so much words, you just couldn't see my hand raising when I'm on second floor. Lol.

Daniel end the evening with a story of mountain climbing…

He told of a story in which when you climb a mountain, the struggle you had to reach the peak, only to see a few other mountains at the side and admire how good if I am on that peak, because when you look down at the mountain you just climb, you can just see the struggle the hardship and the misery.

The glass is always greener on the other side, and this time round, the other peak always look more appealing. What the person never see is he is now on the mountain of value.

He has built up so much value yet he isn't satisfied and wishes to climb another mountain and restart as a newbie on the other industry. A truly inspiring story. (If you don't feel inspired, it's probably due to my bad storytelling :P) mountain Sorry Daniel, I'm not at the after party because I need to write all these good words about the events. Someone has to do it 😉 So there are 2 types of person in the world. People who advocate for KPI and people who don't 😛

Also special thanks to Callum Laing 🙂

Only photo I have of callum

Only photo I have of callum

Thanks so much for event and I look forward to working closely with you in the near future. And boys and girls whom I network with, if you forget who I am (just to refresh your memory), I am the guy with the yellow bag.

The Yellow Bag - not the Yellow Cab

The Yellow Bag – not the Yellow Cab


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